BustSize Review

BustSize Review

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You are interested in BustSize as a product, which we would like to present to you here. It should be said directly that our opinion about this product will not be positive. Therefore we offer you a suitable alternative, where you will get a good effect at a fair price.

The size and shape of the bosom plays an increasingly important role in women’s own body perception and the associated self-confidence and self-esteem. If breasts are missing some cup size or become saggy, women suffer immensely and are willing to go under the knife and accept all the risks associated with an operation. The goal is: The main thing is bigger and firmer breasts. A real gold mine for cosmetic surgery, considering that new breasts stuffed with silicone cost from 5000 Euros upwards.

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For these same financial reasons or because of the physical ailments and risks associated with surgery, many women swear by breast enhancement products in the form of gels, tablets and capsules instead. However, it should be noted that these products are not bargains, because they require the product to be used for months on end in order to achieve the supposed effect.

Can these miracle gels, tablets and capsules really keep their promise of breast enlargement? Although the answer should be clear to many, women like to be deceived out of desperation.

In this article we will take a look at the product Bust Size, which is offered as a cream. We will take the time to look at this breast enlargement product in the following, taking various factors into account, and draw a conclusion at the end.

What is contained in the Bust Size Cream?

Pueraria is a plant whose root extracts are used as the active ingredient of Bust Size. This plant is said to have a rejuvenating effect that repairs slack connective tissue. Pueraria is also said to fight skin impurities in the breast area when used regularly.

Weight fluctuations or births often cause the breast tissue to tear and undesirable red streaks to appear on the breast. This type of tearing is said to reduce rose oil essence and prevent the formation of new streaks.

Deoximiroestrol is said to correspond to the body’s own estradiol and, if used regularly, is said to ensure the growth of the breasts. According to the manufacturer, the effect should not be the same for every woman.

How is Bust Size applied and dosed?

According to the manufacturer, in order to achieve the maximum effect, some things have to be paid attention to word for word:

  • Cleanse the skin carefully and remove soap residues.
  • Apply a small amount of cream to the outside of the breast.
  • Smear the cream well with circular movements.
  • Massage the breast with circular movements from bottom to top.
  • Massage the cream for about 10 minutes until the breast skin is saturated and then repeat the same procedure with the other breast. According to the manufacturer, this is important because prolonged massages of this kind are said to increase blood circulation and thus the effectiveness of the product.
  • Repeat the whole procedure twice a day.

What does Bust Size promise?

According to the manufacturer, the effect of Bust Size is due to the symbiosis of the ingredients. This symbiosis should not only lead to a strengthening of the connective tissue, but also to a rejuvenating effect in the skin area.

Thanks to female hormones, which are to be contained in the product, and prescribed massage units, the blood circulation is to be stimulated, whereby the breasts gain volume and assume a firmer shape. In addition, Bust Size is intended to compensate for the loss of volume of the breasts caused by the reduction in connective and fatty tissue by rebuilding them.

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Besides these effects, Bust Size promises the following:

  • The skin gets nourishment, moisture
  • Push-up effect for breasts becomes visible
  • Correction of the breasts
  • Asymmetrical glands are corrected
  • Skin compatibility for all skin types
  • 100 % natural ingredients

In addition, the manufacturer claims that 95% of all women who participated in a product test confirm the effect of Bust Size and such a result is guaranteed. How to give such a guarantee and what happens if the effect does not work is not explained.

success story of Bust Size

On their website, the manufacturer is not stingy with success stories of users who have used the product. However, some lifestyle websites have researched and found out that Johanna’s experience report is a fake. The woman pictured on the website is actually the deputy director of a children’s art school in Russia and has nothing to do with the product.

The fraud does not stop at the success stories, because the alleged test reports of the experts on the website are also fictitious. Maria GrĂŒnwald and Marianne Schneider, who are presented as experts, are nothing but ladies and models whose photos are available on the Internet for a fee from corresponding providers such as Shutterstock.

If you take a closer look at the websites of Bust Size and another similar product called UpSize you will notice that both are almost identical. The only difference between the two websites is the expert reviews and consumer experience. It also seems that two similar products are only sold under different names. For this reason, it would not be far-fetched to claim that the two products are from the same manufacturer. Our assessment is therefore rather negative. For the reasons mentioned above, the cream is also not available in pharmacies or on Amazon.

Conclusion: How recommendable is Bust Size? What do the Bust Size experiences say?

Bust Size promises breast growth of two cup sizes and firmer breasts with push-up effect, but this promise cannot be kept due to the substances contained in the product. There is neither evidence nor serious tests carried out on test persons for this.

To empty promises we have to add that we are dealing with a nebulous company from Panama. In order to order the product, one is called by an anonymous number after entering name and address data on the manufacturer’s website. This is not a very trustworthy business method, which is said to have discouraged some people from buying the product. In general, one should be careful with companies from abroad.

Finally, it is not advisable to buy the product for many reasons already mentioned. The price of 49 euros per bottle can be used for better things. We can also recommend the following alternatives: BreastFast, Bustural or CC Fabulous Breasts.

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Which active ingredients does the Bust Size Cream use?

This breast cream consists of three ingredients that are supposed to contribute to breast enlargement. It is claimed that these three ingredients are sufficient to cause breast growth.

These three ingredients are as follows:

  • Pueraria Mirifica
  • Rose oil essence
  • Deoximiroestrol

How well is the effectiveness of the Bust Size Cream proven?

First, the fact that breasts can be enlarged by up to two cup sizes, as claimed by the manufacturer, with the help of the active ingredients contained in the product, is more than questionable. Experts never tire of saying that it is impossible. Moreover, there is nothing in medical portals that would support the manufacturer’s promises.

Is there Bust Size for sale at Amazon?

Here we would like to inform you if you can buy Bust Size at Amazon? Our team did research for you and found out that this cream is not available there. So please order this product only from the official manufacturer we recommend here.

Where can you buy Bust Size?

Where you buy this popular breast enlargement product should be important to you. Make sure you buy it only directly from the manufacturer. This is the only way to guarantee that you will receive an original product with a good effect and corresponding quality.

Has Bust Size side effects?

At first glance, the product seems to have no side effects because it is made of natural ingredients. At least no negative experiences are known in this respect. The promised effects, however, must be viewed with scepticism, as already mentioned.

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