Perfect Bust Review

Perfect Bust Review

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You are interested in Perfect Bust as a product, which we would like to present to you here. It should be said directly that our opinion about this product will not be positive. Therefore we offer you a suitable alternative, where you will get a good effect at a fair price.

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Which active ingredients does PERFECT BUST?

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Extract of fenugreek seed
  • Fennel seed
  • Chinese angelica
  • Caraway seeds
  • Benedict’s herb
  • Pepper fruit

PERFECT BUST is thus based on a common cocktail of different natural products, most of which are supposed to react with estrogen in some form or stimulate production. Fenugreek seeds are said to contain phyto-oestrogens, whereas Chinese angelica is said to keep the female hormone balance in balance. Beneditkenkraut is said to be able to alleviate typical symptoms of a lack of female sex hormones.

The PERFECT BUST+ gel contains:

  • Voluplus
  • pearl mass
  • Marigold
  • Tang
  • Lemon
  • Macadamia

Voluplus is a patented ingredient that contains Macelignan. It is said to increase the accumulation of lipids in the fat cells of the breast. This is intended to increase the volume of the bust’s fat tissue and thus enable the cup size to increase within a few months. The substance is dissolved in macadamia oil so that it can be absorbed even better. At the same time, the oil protects against oxidation, smoothes the skin and provides moisture.

Pearl mass, on the other hand, is said to heal and keep the skin moisturized by the creatine-like conchiolin, the high calcium content and many different amino acids. The manufacturer promises regeneration and healing effects without clogging the pores. Marigold and seaweed have a similar effect, while lemon is said to have antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties. Many experiences show this too.

PERFECT BUST Where to buy ?

Unfortunately, the product is not available in usual shops, but only online. Therefore you should always buy Perfect Bust in the online shop.


Perfect Bust is also not available at the pharmacy. As just described, we recommend that you buy online. So you will not be disappointed when you start your search.

Buy PERFECT BUST – Yes or No?

You can count on our experience and we do not recommend buying the product at this point. So please take a look at our alternative to Perfect Bust.

What does PERFECT BUST promise?

The tablets promise the users an embellishment of the breasts in five different steps, like in a cure:

Size Up

The breasts should grow to a cup size.

Push Up

The product should be able to lift the breasts as it is done with a bra.

Fill Up

Substances that support the metabolism are supposed to maintain the elasticity of the breasts.

Pearl Shine

PERFECT BUST is designed to counteract aging of the breasts and provide moisture.


PERFECT BUST is said to be able to support the synthesis of collagen in the skin and thus protect against skin sagging.

PERFECT BUST does not shy away from advertising with concrete numbers. For the test, 80 women were prepared to use the gel twice a day or the food supplement three times a day:

  • Improved elasticity of the breasts (96 %)
  • lifting of the breasts (93%)
  • increase in cup size (78 %)
  • increase in libido and vitality (85%)

However, the results do not appear to be from a study that actually seems to be robust.

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How well is the effectiveness of PERFECT BUST proven? Is there any experience ?

Not at all, actually. Although there is a statistic that would like to give the impression that it is serious and has actually been carried out, it is probably not a study that was carried out according to scientific standards.

The way it is presented is at least highly unscientific, no authors are named and the study design is not explained. Furthermore, the number of participants in the study is far too small to allow meaningful results. Also the characterization as an “in vitro” study is quite – with respect – nonsense. As a study design, “in vitro” means that the experiments are conducted in a controlled artificial environment such as the classical test tube, i.e. outside the living organism. How the company would like to use typical – or atypical “in vitro” methods to determine characteristics such as recommendation rate, increase in libido or even increase in cup size in women is a mystery to me at least.

Has PERFECT BUST side effects?

According to the manufacturer, there “should” be no side effects. Of course allergies to ingredients are an exception. Accordingly, prospective buyers should consult the list of ingredients in advance. It is also advisable to apply the gel to a place such as the inner forearm first to rule out a possible allergic reaction.

The capsules should not be used by minors, pregnant or lactating women, diabetics or women with liver disease. Overdosage should also be avoided to avoid allergic skin reactions, diarrhoea and nausea, colic, constipation or more intense menstrual periods.

Conclusion: How recommended is PERFECT BUST?

According to all experience reports, PERFECT BUST basically provides a product that uses the ingredients that are supposed to have a natural effect on the breast. Positive it should also be noted that the manufacturer is at least halfway traceable. However, the presentation of the results does not even begin to meet scientific standards, so that a neutral observer must assume that there is no conclusive evidence of effectiveness. We can also recommend the following alternatives: BreastFast, Procurves Plus or Siluette Plus.

Take a look at our recommendation Breast Fast.
Here price, performance and effect are perfectly right. Original product!


How are PERFECT BUST tablets used?

The PERFECT BUST capsules or tablets are taken three times a day with a large amount of water. The manufacturer does not specify any special features such as an empty stomach or interactions with other foods.

How is the PERFECT BUST gel applied?

The PERFECT BUST + Gel should be applied twice a day. The gel is massaged into the breast with the fingertips until it is completely absorbed.

At what point does PERFECT BUST take effect?

PERFECT BUST should take effect after four to six weeks. Of course, this product should also be effective above all when used daily. Otherwise the positive effects will diminish. It is therefore not a one-off, but a permanent release.

Who is behind the product?

PERFECT BUST is manufactured in Poland according to our own specifications. Responsible for the product seems to be a company called Golden Trade Ltd. It has its headquarters in London, however. As is unfortunately usual for manufacturers of breast enlargement products, it is hardly possible to find out anything about the persons responsible or to name a clear contact person. In any case, the manufacturer is very active in this field and offers the whole range of breast and penis enlargement products, potency and libido enhancement products and aphrodisiacs.

Should you buy PERFECT BUST?

In fact, customers should always be aware that such products, which are based on natural active ingredients, often do not achieve the promised effect. A whole cup size, as the manufacturer of PERFECT BUST would like to make it possible, is rather unlikely, but often a positive effect on firmness and smoothness can be achieved by regular application of cream alone.

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