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CC Fabulous Breasts Review

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CC Fabulous Breasts experiences – Read all about this product

CC Fabulous Breasts by Cobeco Pharma is a product designed to enlarge the breast. The effect is to be achieved from the inside by tablets, from the outside however by cream or money. Only purely vegetable active substances are used, so that the risk for allergies or skin irritations is lowered.

There are tons of counterfeit or copied products available on the market. We only recommend you the original product from the legit online store.

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Legit Product

CC Fabulous Breasts with three different application possibilities

CC Fabulous Breasts is available in three different dosage forms:

  • Tablets
  • cream
  • gel

However, the gel can only be found at very few suppliers, cream and tablets are much more common, often in combination with each other. The aim, of course, is to achieve an effect from inside and outside so that the effects become even more visible.

What promises CC Fabulous Breasts?

CC Fabulous Breasts is said to be an inexpensive alternative to breast surgery and completely free of side effects. The preparation should “react” with estrogen and ultimately increase blood circulation to the mammary gland. It should also be extremely easy to use.

The cream, however, should be able to speak the breast tissue, improve the elasticity of the skin and protect the skin. However, the company does not provide any clear information. It is therefore unclear how much the breast can gain through the application.

When does CC Fabulous Breasts work?

The manufacturer does not give a clear indication of the time of action. Usually, several weeks to months are given for such products until a noticeable improvement can be expected. However, it is clear that investors want to calculate with a permanent application if they must continue to feel a positive effect. In the long run, therefore, the application will be very expensive.

What active ingredients does Fabulous Breasts?

CC Fabulous Breasts relies on natural ingredients and wants to achieve breast growth with the following ingredients:

  • saw palm
  • Bockshorn clover
  • Fennel
  • Cumin
  • Benediktenkraut
  • Dong Quai
  • Angelica Sinensis
  • Capsicum Frutescens

The manufacturer emphasizes fenugreek, fennel seeds and saw palmetto as active ingredients. Fennel is said to lead to breast growth due to its use as vegetable estrogen. Fenugreek is also said to mimic the effect of this hormone, but it also supports prolactin production. The saw palmetto has a similar effect, stimulating the formation of prolactin and thus promoting the growth of breast tissue.

Users should also note that calcium is also added to the tablets. If you take 3 tablets a day, you will also take 300 mg calcium, while the recommendation for adults from the German Nutrition Society is currently 900 mg. However, kidney patients in particular should take this into account.

The cream also contains calendula (marigold) as one of the main ingredients. In addition, vitamin E and some herbal extracts increase the elasticity, tighten the skin and have a lifting effect.

How well has the efficacy of CC Fabulous Breasts been proven?

Cobeco Pharma does not provide any efficacy data. According to our research, there are also no reliable studies on the individual ingredients. So there is currently no scientific evidence as to whether and to what extent CC Fabulous Breasts can be effective. There is no doubt that Cobeco Pharma does not advertise with false statistics or questionable studies. The company thus manages to maintain its trustworthiness. On the other hand, it would of course be nice for interested parties and users if the provider could prove its effectiveness.

The users are rather mixed opinion. While some report a slight positive change, others claim not to have noticed any effect at all.

How fast is CC Fabulous Breasts delivered?

Depending on the choice of shipping method, some buyers can even hold their package in their hands the next day. However, this requires an order by 5 p.m. and the choice of UPS express delivery, which of course causes additional costs. Even “normal” orders are processed quickly and delivered within a few working days.

Of course, the shop packs the goods in such a way that it is not visible from the outside what is inside or who sent them.

Who is behind the product?

The Dutch company CC – Cobeco Cosmetics is responsible for the product. This is an offshoot of Cobeco Pharma, which is also based in the Netherlands. Despite its name, the company is not a company licensed to manufacture pharmaceuticals. Instead, it produces cosmetics, aphrodisiacs and other lifestyle products. Cobeco Pharma was founded in 1995 and is one of the largest producers in this field. The products under “private label” can also be distributed by other suppliers under their own name.

In addition to CC Fabulous Breasts, the company is also responsible for 3B: Lift & Love Breasts Enhancer.

How Expensive Is CC Fabulous Breasts?

Who would like to use CC Fabulous Breasts, must for a month approximately 56 euro in-calculate, if he would like to use cream and tablets together. If you buy more than one package, you can save up to 10%. Nevertheless, the preparations are of course not exactly inexpensive.

Result: How to recommend CC Fabulous Breasts?

In our opinion CC Fabulous Breasts is only recommendable to a limited extent. The relatively high costs are undoubtedly a problem. Paying almost two euros a day is also relatively cost-intensive for such a means. Since the effect does not last for long, it is not necessarily a cheap preparation. Especially the cream, whose main ingredient is calendula, can be purchased with similar ingredients for significantly less money in any drugstore.

Moreover, the tablets are unfortunately not as natural as advertised. The product contains a total of eight different E-numbers.

It is also somewhat unfortunate that the manufacturer does not give any information about what effect can be achieved and how successful the preparations have been in studies. In this way, customers can only trust the provider that an effect is possible at all. On the positive side, however, it should be noted that CC Fabulous Breasts is a company in the Netherlands which produces Fabulous Breasts. This ensures that buyers can always be sure that they are getting a safe product with high quality active ingredients.

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